Bikes have finished the Prologue

25 outubro 2019

The competition has started at this year’s Baja Portalegre 500 with riders tackling the 4.6 kilometers of the Prologue under bright blue sky.

Sebastien Bülher was the fastest on Bikes, taking 3m28,5s to run the distance with his Husqvarna FC. Bruno Santos, also in Husqvarna FE, was 5.8 seconds behind, with António Maio was third, 10.2 seconds adrift from P1 qith his Yamaha WR Rally.

Amongst Quads, the Baja “master” Roberto Borrego (Yamaha YZF) was the quickest stopping the watch at 3m39.4s. A good start for his quest of the National title. Arnaldo Martins (Suzuki LTR) was seconds 5.2s behind, with Ruben Alexandre (Yamaha YZF) was third, 9.1s from the winner.

João Dias was the fastest on the SSV with a 3m39.4s run, followed by Vítor Santos, 1.3s adrift. Sebastien Guyette, also in a Can-Am as the first two, was third, 4.2s from P1.


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