Top 3 speak their mind

26 outubro 2019

Miguel Barbosa

“It’s a good comeback. I’m happy to be leading; we’ve won the Prologue and the afternoon stage. I’m very happy with the team and the car and I’m filling more confidant after each kilometre. We have a long day ahead Saturday, the most important one, and we will have to keep focus and maintain a good pace because we want to win the event. The adaptation has been very quick, we have been working well with the team, as well as with Pedro Velosa, my co-driver. The helps a lot; it’s a very good car which has a lot to be explored and much more to give.”

Orlando Terranova

“Me and the car are still a far from a good relation, or the best setup, for that matter, and I wasn’t at all satisfied when we finished the sector. But all that changed when I looked at the result, but there’s still room to improve. We are going to change the suspension settings during service. For me it´s hard to experience new things each day, and I had to struggle a lot with the car during the race. But that’s what we are here for; to work and develop the preparation of the car.”

Nani Roma

“It was a stressful day, it’s all new in the Baja, with a very technical “Mickey Mouse” type of route, but once we found the pace and understood the characteristics of the surface we started to get better. However, all this came to an end when we found Ricardo Porém; then I lost a lot of time, but it was good to prepare the long day we have ahead this Saturday. In order to win the World Cup we really have to win the Baja and the most important will be not making any mistakes and maintaining the advantage. That’s the key in an event in which you have to be very focused, trying to get the car to the end in one piece. But the truth is, I’m delighted with this Baja, it’s very beautiful and the spectators are wonderful.”

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