Carvalho and Guerreiro win the SSV

26 outubro 2019

Pedro Carvalho and André Guerreiro took the SSV victory at the Baja Portalegre 500, a very competitive event in which the top 20 was dominated by the Can-Am X3.

Sixth in the Prologue and only tenth after SS2, Carvalho and Guerreiro didn’t give a chance to their rivals in the last stage, beating the new national champion Pedro Santinho Mendes by 1:15s.

The winners of the Baja got to Portalegre in second in the championship and gave their very best to get the title, but for that they had to count with a poor result from their rivals.

Santinho Mendes, meanwhile, arrived at Portalegre with his mind set on the title, and after an eighth place at the Prologue, he picked up the pace to finish with the fourth time on SS2 and third in SS3. Good enough to ensure the second spot overall.

Rounding up the podium were João Monteiro and Manuel Pereira.

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